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Clearly, Akron’s Favorite

Rubber City Auto Glass is owned and operated by Dan Kaye who has been installing Auto Glass for over 25 years.  Dan has been employed by several auto glass companies in the area and has been certified by the National Glass Association in the past. He is fully insured and licensed to install all types of automobile glass as well as commercial vehicle glass. His knowledge and expertise in the auto glass industry is extensive and we can promise you if he can’t fix the problem, he will go beyond all expectations to make sure you are 100% satisfied with the outcome!

Windshield & Auto Glass Replacement

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A cracked (or improperly installed) windshield can fail during a collision or roll over, allowing you or your passenger to be ejected. A passenger ejected from a car or truck is much more likely to experience a serious injury or death.

Cracked windshields expose the laminate that joins the layers of glass in the windshield, resulting in delaminating. It is this delaminating that results in a dangerous reduction in the structural integrity of a vehicle. The safest place to be during a car accident is in the car. Your windshield is an important barrier that keeps you in the car.

If your windshield or auto glass needs replaced, don’t hesitate to give us a call! Our number one goal is to get your broken auto glass installed as quickly as possible so your vehicle is safe to drive. Your safety is our concern!

*See Diagram for the type of auto glass if your not sure what part is in need of replacement.

Warranty Information

Limited lifetime auto glass warranty:

We will warranty your windshield against leakage and manufacturer defects for as long as you own your vehicle.

Your automobile glass is warranted in normal use against leaks and damage due to improper installation. This warranty is valid for as long as you own your car and provides, at no cost to you, all labor and materials to replace the auto glass in proper condition during the warranted period.

Auto glass warranty does not cover:

  1. Leakage or stress cracking caused by pre-existing rust or damage to the vehicles windshield area.
  1. Damage caused to your windshield by impact with foreign objects (rocks, etc.), vandalism, theft, accident or reckless conduct resulting in a broken windshield

Chip Repair

Have a Chip in Your Windshield? With modern technology it’s now possible to repair your windshield without the need for a replacement. Rock chips are repaired using a tool that injects special resin into the window, sealing the chip and preventing further cracking. Not only does chip repair save your windshield, but it also saves you money.

As long as the chip is no larger than the size of a quarter, we can most likely repair it. If you’re unsure about repairing a chip, give us a call and we will help determine if we can save your windshield.

Warranty Information

Chip repair warranty

If we repair your chip and that repair fails, we will deduct the price of the repair towards the cost of a new windshield if you choose to purchase one. This will remain in effect as long as you own the vehicle.

Chip repair disclaimer

**if the chip runs or spreads during the repair, we will not be held responsible due to the fact that all chips and conditions of the chip can vary.

window descriptions and locations for rubber city auto glass

(330) 835-8972

Call or Text!

Please include your name, make & model and as many details as possible. Thank you!

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We come to your location, residential or at work! We serve all of Summit, Medina, Portage, Stark, Wayne counties. We will make the drive to you.

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